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Breast is Best

In May this year we were blessed with the arrival of two special little girls. They were in great need of some love, care and attention. They came to us severely malnourished , suffering from acute oedema and severe nappy rash.

The dear souls struggled with their health and well being spending two weeks at St Mary's Hospital undergoing tests and receiving Intravenous therapy. All of us at Hope House were relieved when they were discharged from hospital, however they still had a long way to go to reach their milestones.

In June we received a extremely generous donation of Breast Milk from the Human Milk Bank Durban. They had heard on the grape vine that we had these babies in our care and wanted to do something to help.

We all know the advantages of Breast Milk for babies and we were so excited to think that we can know give these two special little girls some good nourishment that they require to get their health on track.

The results were outstanding and it came very clear after a very short time that our girls were showing signs of the benefits of drinking breast milk. They became stronger, their skin started to recover and their weight increased.

We are very grateful for this donation and our girls have not looked back.

They are now in good health, physically more active , crawling and standing getting ready to walk with precious smiles that will now light up the world.

What is a Human Milk Bank ?

A human milk bank is a service that screens, collects, processes and distribute human breast milk. The recipients of breast milk are vulnerable preterm babies and sick babies and special cases where mothers are unable to supply sufficient milk for their babies. This milk has been donated by volunteer breastfeeding mothers who are not related to the recipient babies.

The milk we received at Hope House had traveled all the way from America.

Many thanks to everyone at The Human Milk Bank for making this happen.


Our freezer overflowing with bottles of breast milk.

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