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Our Overseas Trip July/August 2014

Sonia & Lynne had an amazing holiday in the UK and Canada. They spent time sight-seeing in Scotland with Sonia’s oldest son, daughter-in-law and their 2 daughters, and also spent time with her youngest son and his wife and two daughters in Kent.

Arran Scotland.jpg
Loch Lomin and Lock Katrine.jpg
Lynne and Sonia aboard Sir Walter Scott.jpg
Lynne with pipers in the streets of Glasgow.jpg

Then these two ladies flew across the Atlantic to Canada to visit with 10 of the kiddies who were adopted from Hope House by Canadian families. As one of the Dad’s said, when they were leaving to return to South Africa, they probably saw more of Canada during their short visit than a lot of Canadians see in a life-time.

First stop was Burlington in Ontario where they stayed with Rachel and her wonderful family. Jocelyn had organised a gathering in a park in Oakville where 5 of the children from Hope House came, together with many other families who have adopted children from Africa (over 40 people were present). What a fantastic afternoon was enjoyed by all.

1 Arrival in Canada.jpg
2 Lake Ontario Canada.jpg
3 Lake Ontario view.jpg
4 Gathering in the park.jpg

They were taken to Niagara Falls – a stunning experience.

5 Niagra falls us.jpg
6 Niagra falls.jpg

When Nanny and Granny arrived in Saskatoon, they were greeted at the airport by 3 of the families – what a wonderful warm welcoming committee. Solomon (Owami) Stromberg’s grandparents put the ladies up and they soon became firm friends.

1 Arrival at Saskatoon.jpg
2 Welcoming party at Saskatoon.jpg

The families from Winnipeg, Souris (both in Manitoba) and Saskatoon all got together with Granny & Nanny and spent some lovely quality time together. The children loved being together again and the parents have all become good friends.

3 Zoo in Saskatoon.jpg
4 Zoo - Grizzly bear.jpg

5 South Saskatoon River boat trip.jpg
6 South Saskatoon River.jpg

From Saskatoon it was back to Toronto and immediately on to Wasaga Beach. There the ladies were hosted by David & Erin, Sam (Phasika’s) parents. At a super lunch date 3 ‘Hope House’ families met up with Lynne and Sonia at Collingwood.

1 Sonia Lynne Jonah Aphiwe Sam.jpg

The Gallas family (Siphiwe / Jonah’s family) spent a couple of days at David and Erin’s home with Sonia and Lynne as well. We all went to Blue Mountain where we rode down the mountain on a gondola (cable car) and then ventured onto the Mountain Ridge Rider which is a roller coaster where everyone rides in their own toboggan type car. It was hectic but exhilarating.

2 Blue Mountain cable rides.jpg
3 View from gondola.jpg
4 Sonia on Mountain Rider roller coaster ride.jpg
5 Blue Mountain roller coaster.jpg

We all went off to Sainte Marie Among the Hurons the following day and explored a First Nation heritage site which was great fun.

6 Sainte-Marie among the Hurons 122.jpg
7 Sainte-Marie among the Hurons 037.jpg
8 Sainte-Marie among the Hurons 083.jpg

A tour of Collingwood by David was next on the agenda. This is a town on the shores of the Georgian Bay where David went to school and Erin taught at a school. This was followed by a barbecue with David and Erin’s families and capped with a stroll on the beach to watch the sunset.

9 Touring around Collingwood 21 August 2014 054.jpg
10 Touring around Collingwood 21 August 2014 062.jpg

Early the next day it was off to Toronto by road and then subway. David was the tour guide through the streets of Toronto leading to the CN (Canadian National) Tower, one of the seven modern wonders of the world, being the 2nd highest building in the world. The lifts take 58 seconds to travel 447m to the viewing platforms.

11 View of Blue Jays stadium from CN Tower.jpg
12 Sonia and Lynne with CN Tower in background.jpg

The weekend was spent with the Farrells, Rachel’s family, at Deerhurst Hotel, a 4 hour drive from their home in Burlington. The ladies were treated to a live show at the hotel that evening and after breakfast the next morning we all went canoeing on Peninsula Lake before driving back to Burlington.

7 Breakfast at Deerhurst hotel with the Farrells.jpg
8 Canoeing on Penninsula Lake.jpg
9 Relaxing at Penninsula Lake.jpg

On the last day Jocelyn drove Nanny and Granny to downtown Burlington where Rachel played in a splash pool and in the park. In the afternoon Rachel showed what she had been learning in her violin lessons and Sam played the Ukeleli, guitar and violin for us. After an early dinner it was off to Toronto airport and home to S.A. What a fantastic trip!

Arrived home on 27 August to a wonderful reception of family and volunteers, as well as a beautiful home make-over – an awesome end to a wonderful holiday.

Arriving Home.jpg

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