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Hope House Volunteers Braai


On Saturday afternoon about 30 of the Hope House volunteers and their families as well as 2 Canadian families who recently adopted two of our little boys celebrated 2014 with a wonderful braai and time of fellowship. Sonia and Lynne cannot put into words their gratitude to this amazing team of men, women and young people who so unselfishly give of their time and resources for the benefit of the little ones in their care. You all rock!

BRAAI 6 DEC 104.jpg
BRAAI 6 DEC 105.jpg
BRAAI 6 DEC 107.jpg
BRAAI 6 DEC 109.jpg
BRAAI 6 DEC 111.jpg
BRAAI 6 DEC 123.jpg
BRAAI 6 DEC 127.jpg
BRAAI 6 DEC 155.jpg
BRAAI 6 DEC 171.jpg
BRAAI 6 DEC 177.jpg
BRAAI 6 DEC 231.jpg
BRAAI 6 DEC 236.jpg

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