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Blog May 2016

On reflection we have realised that there are a number of people who have helped and supported us over the years and who we have not thanked on our blog or social media. Please forgive us for the oversight. We do wish to acknowledge the following people for their contributions to Baby Hope House for, without your help and support, we would not be where we are today :

Vernon, our Chairman, who guides us so well and also for his organisation of fishing competitions, his financial contributions and the manner in which he promotes the home.

Jeremy, our Pastoral Overseer, for his wisdom and insight in keeping us on the right road. Our church, Pinetown Presbyterian for their prayerful and financial support.

Nicola Beykirch for establishing our first website, for her photographing of our children over the years, especially when she has so graciously accompanied us on various outings, for taking various children for weekends and outings on her own and also for the writing of some of our blog postings. Nicola is a fantastic photographer who is trying to establish her own business. Check out her work on her website

Nalene Ferreira who was our first Secretary and did a sterling job of minute keeping and attending to correspondence.

Amie Harms, the current Secretary, who is also doing a fantastic job on the administrative side as well as assisting with fund-raising, especially the compiling of our Adopt a Cot initiative, together with Mel, our Treasurer.

Mel is another lady who worked really hard to set up the books for our NPO and get all capturing and financials up-to-date. Mel and her family have also been very involved in fund-raising and assisting with transporting of children to outings. Mel and Ian’s company, I & M Technical Projects also attend to the electrical maintenance of Hope House.

Then there are many wonderful volunteers and fund-raising committee members who support us on an ongoing basis – Yvette, Kayla and AmyLeigh, Caitlyn, Lin, Jean, Linda, Gail, Gayle, Michelle, Alosha, Phumzile, Caroline, Daniella, Megan, Emma, Jamie.

A number of schools also support us by way of donations and volunteering – Pinetown Girls High, St Mary’s, Maris Stella, Westville Girls and Boys High, Sarnia Primary, St Benedict, Grace Place.

Boxer Super Stores sponsors a monthly amount for groceries, Spencer Tait of Alpine Motors sponsors our new website, Pool Craft sponsors the maintenance of our swimming pool, Dr Alexandra Parker (Chiropractor), Broughton and Jonck (Occupational Therapists), Drs Botha and Manjra (Paediatricians), Drs Vermaak and Moffat of Pinetown Medicross all offer their services pro bono.

When thanking so many people, some are bound to be omitted so we apologise to those who we have not mentioned by name but know that we are eternally grateful to each and every one of you.

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