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Over the past several months we have received a number of donations-in-kind, including blankets and cot sets, cot mattresses, baby food, nappies and wet wipes. Maris Stella also collected many bottles of Purity and boxes of baby cereal. We thank all of you for your contributions which are really put to good use.

At the beginning of this month 7 volunteers from America arrived to help us out for a month. This is giving the ladies who run Hope House a chance to take a break – the volunteers even do night shifts! They are a wonderful group of young ladies and the kiddies love having them around.

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Recently we received lovely gifts of toys and clothing from Hirsch’s and Uthingo combined. Thank you all so much.

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Our Quiz Night held on 7 October 2016 was a great success. We had 42 quizzers and Mary Charity was a great quiz mistress. A big thank you to Pinetown Presbyterian Church for the use of the venue and facilities, Heavens Kitchen volunteers for the donation of cooldrinks as well as rice and potatoes and GSA KZN and Sharmla for the meat, all of which was turned into a delicious breyani by the chef of Dirk Spar, who provided all the spices. Thank you to many volunteers who donated prizes and of course, last but by no means least, to all the participants who joined in the fun. Even the American volunteers entered a team plus assisted with selling cooldrinks and serving the meal. We raised over R7300! Congratulations to the winning team – Kurt, Janine, Lisa and Janine’s mother.

This week we were really tested when we had no water for three days and, then one of the days we had no electricity as well. The fantastic volunteers who do so much for Hope House came to the fore. Some brought drinking water to use for babies bottles, another volunteer took the dishes to sterilise the bottles, another lady took washing every day and another allowed us to do washing at her house. The home was able to continue almost as normal thanks to wonderful people. We are forever grateful and appreciative of all that you do. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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